On October 13th Citrix acquired ShareFile, a market leading provider of secure, cloud-based data storage, sharing and collaboration. The ShareFile product line makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to securely store, sync and share business documents and files, both inside and outside the company. ShareFile’s centralized cloud storage capability also allows users to share files across multiple devices and access them from any location.

During Synergy Barcelona an informative breakout session will be led by two members of the ShareFile team. Founder and CEO, Jesse Lipson and Ed Cheely, who leads worldwide sales for the product, will show how businesses can benefit from using ShareFile.

Want to learn about the newest product from Citrix and how it applies to your business?

The breakout session will feature the following topics:

  • How ShareFile is used as an alternative to FTP and email attachments
  • What differentiates ShareFile from competitors
  • Common use cases, and industry verticals that get the most value out of the product
  • Plug-ins and downloadable tools that ShareFile offers
  • How the ShareFile APIs can be used to great tight integrations into customer workflows

Session date and time: Thursday 27 October from 15:00 – 15:45

Room: CCIB – Room 117 (This session will be live-streamed on Synergy Live!)