ControlUP by SmartXPlease welcome SmartX, ControlUP to Citrix Ready. ControlUP is a groundbreaking IT management solution for enterprise environments. It is a super-console designed to assist Windows systems administrators with the following mundane tasks:

  • Real-time monitoring of server farms and desktops, especially XenApp and XenDesktop (imagine a Task Manager working simultaneously on all of your managed machines)
  • Parallel execution of tasks on multiple computers or users (power management, policy, registry, services, file system, ICA session shadowing, monitoring published applications, etc.)
  • Rapid troubleshooting and real-time performance bottleneck identification (identify and resolve problems in your environment with just a few clicks instead of hopping from console to console)

ControlUp has been out in the field for several months now and we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback, mainly from IT professionals responsible for Terminal Server / Citrix farms and large user populations. Some of ControlUp’s features are comparable with solutions such as Nagius, EdgeSight or Spiceworks, while other features are unique and apparently much needed.

Make sure to check out ControlUp’s Registry Dashboard and Services Dashboard which allow instant comparison and parallel management of multiple machines. Remove Group Policy remotely, run processes, block programs, analyze performance and gather system events – all these are under the hood, so you’re all welcome to take ControlUp for a spin.

And the best part – it’s free.

Last but not least – we’re hoping to hear your comments about the tool, so try out and speak up!

To learn more and download the free product, visit ControlUp video channel and ControlUp product page.

See it being used in the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab

You can read more about Craig here.