We haven’t crushed any grapes, but we invite you to join us at Synergy Barcelona, where we’re “drinking our own Rioja”.

Desktop transformation is no myth and Synergy Barcelona is the Citrix platform for sharing its reality with the world.  We are doing this in the most direct way we can – by running Synergy on Citrix virtualization technologies to demonstrate its power and reliability, and by giving attendees practical education and actual experience with virtual desktops throughout the conference. This initiative is founded on the Desktop Transformation Model, a proven methodology for desktop virtualization.

IT departments are continuously changing their desktop infrastructure to achieve efficient functionality, cost savings and overall quality improvements.  As  technical infrastructure manager for Synergy, I’m confronted with similar challenges. For Synergy Barcelona, I was charged with upgrading our approach to providing Windows-based applications to our attendees, while minimizing hardware and shipping costs. Using the Desktop Transformation Model to present Synergy functions to our attendees has been extremely advantageous.

Summit and Synergy combined is a 5-day marathon with minimal room for error. Once the event begins it’s non-stop momentum, with no downtime. Our deployments at Synergy are live and we offer hands-on access to our products. From the Learning Labs to the Citrix Solutions and Service Booth, these teams must be able to respond effectively to unexpected hardware or software failures.

Historically, working on individual builds for the Internet Access Center, Bring Your Own Mobility experience, registration and session scanning was like working in a vacuum. Now my leads work in concert on a collaborative design where they can support and manage enterprise applications that are truly delivered as a service. We once had a semi-automatic fault tolerance setup, but now, with DTM, we have a high-availability configuration.

Overall, the DTM has made us much more efficient. A major effort was once necessary to secure appropriate medium business-class hardware and software for independent solutions. Now we don’t work so hard because we use one single enterprise-class infrastructure from integrated solution providers.

The Synergy virtualization infrastructure points the way for customers to achieve similar IT benefits for themselves – a single solution, high availability, scalability, The Internet Access and the Bring Your Own Mobility Showcase, for example, are exact representations of how an organization would provide virtual applications and desktops to task and mobile workers – from one infrastructure.

See you in Barcelona….and I prefer tinto with my vegetarian paella.