Before, during and after the Synergy Barcelona event, you can stay up-to-date with your social networking activities by taking advantage of a wide assortment of online tools.

From Facebook and Twitter to the exclusive Synergy Social Club and Event Connection tool, Synergy makes it easy for you to follow others, start a conversation, join a discussion or connect with other attendees. Here’s the scoop…

Before you arrive in Barcelona:

  • Consult Ask Ingrid for suggestions on what to see and do, plus practical tips on Synergy logistics. E-mail questions to Ingrid at or follow her on Twitter @AskIngridBCN.
  • Use the Event Connection tool located in My Account under the Synergy Microsite to contact other attendees and set up scheduled meetings on site – either in the Event Connection Lounge or elsewhere in the CCIB.
  • Registered customers can complete their profiles on The Synergy Social Club using the temporary credentials that were sent to you on 4 October. Note credential notifications are sent every Tuesday and Thursday. You can post photos and build a personal profile that aggregates your online presence – blogs, tweets, pictures and video — so others can find you, follow your interests and connect to talk business.

At the event:

  • Post those snapshots from the Synergy Party on Flickr and your favorite videos on YouTube, “like” Synergy on Facebook and follow all the comments from attendees and Citrix staff on Twitter.
  • Reach out to professional contacts on LinkedIn and tell them about the advantages of business networking at Synergy.
  • Follow Citrix CTOs and CTPs on their blogs as they describe technology highlights, new products and demos going on at Synergy – and then be sure to check those things out.
  • Use The Synergy Social Club to optimize your on-site networking activities by easily locating other customers and Citrix employees and arranging an informal meeting or having a conversation online.

After the conference:

  • Stay in touch with the people you met in Barcelona through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post your photos from the event on your Flickr network!
  • Find out how the press and analysts view the conference at – particularly look at new products announced there.
  • Revisit the keynotes or virtually attend sessions you missed by logging onto Synergy Live!, which offers free, on-demand video covering a wide array of conference activities.
  • Use The Synergy Social Club to stay in touch with your peers throughout the year. This ongoing community of Synergy attendees will continue to network online in between conferences and schedule
  • meet-ups at the 2012 events

Remember, we’re counting on you to add your opinions, insights, observations, questions and memories to the larger conversation going on around Synergy Barcelona. As you know, social networking makes the event even more meaningful, valuable and fun for all of us!

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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