Citrix Solution Advisors – you’ll be rich with leads, content that positions you as thought leaders, and resources that add value for your customers. How can you cash in, you ask? Well, it’s Citrix Syndication!

Citrix Syndication is a free service (savings! cha-ching!) that seamlessly updates your web site with Citrix product content, plus buttons and banners. You can even syndicate content in 10 languages. Think about the resources, budget and time just for localization – this is taken care of and made available for you (more savings!). But the big win is in the lead generation. You get to capture, monitor and manage all leads from your web visitors.

The perks, loot, goodie-bag…the whole enchildada

  • You pick and choose what Citrix products you want displayed
  • You decide where you want the syndicated content to appear on your site
  • You leverage ready-made banners and buttons to drive traffic
  • You access a secure, private admin tool just for your organization
  • You track and manage all sales leads – they go directly to you

Learn more – we’re demoing the platform at Summit Barcelona

See first-hand how syndication works at the Citrix Syndication station at the Partner Information Centre. Subject matter experts will demo the platform and review the content offerings with you. You can even register on the spot. It’s easy and quick to get started. By simply adding a small amount of HTML code to your site, you will seamlessly receive the latest content, reducing your time to manage and prepare web pages (another savings!). Come by the Citrix Syndication station to learn more.

Want to register now? Let’s go!

Visit the Citrix Syndication Center for more details about how content syndication works and to register. Once registered, you’ll receive an email regarding access to the Citrix Syndication Partner Console. Upon logging in, you can view content offerings and get implemented. It’s fast, easy, and seriously, it’s the jack pot!