Citrix Syndication, a free service for all CSAs worldwide, dynamically updates your web site in 10 languages with current Citrix product information and resources so you can generate leads. Your visitors view timely and accurate content while your expertise in the latest virtualization solutions is further reinforced.

You pick and choose what Citrix products you want displayed, as well as the ‘look and feel’ that’s most compatible to your web site. Your web visitors will view the Citrix content just as they would any other page on your web site and access valuable resources such as videos, white papers, podcasts, brochures, on-demand events and more – all without leaving your site. Best of all, all sales leads go directly to you! Yup, with our lead generating resources and offers,you get to capture, monitor and manage all leads from your site visitors.

See a live demo at Summit Barcelona

See first-hand how syndication works at the Citrix Syndication station at the Partner Information Centre. Subject matter experts will demo the platform and review the content offerings with you. You can even register on the spot. It’s easy and quick to get started. By simply adding a small amount of HTML code to your site, you will seamlessly receive the latest content, reducing your time to manage and prepare web pages. You’re in the driver’s seat. Come by the Citrix Syndication station to learn more and take advantage of this effective, free web management tool.

Want to register now? Okay!

Visit the Citrix Syndication Center for more details about how content syndication works and to register. A video and FAQs are available to answer your questions. You can also view a sample site that displays all the syndicated content including resources. Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions regarding your own login credentials to access the Citrix Syndication Partner Console. Upon logging in, you can view content offerings and get implemented; it only takes about 6 minutes to start syndicating.