If you’ve used Google Earth without a graphics card, you’ve probably noticed that its built-in software rasterizer isn’t the greatest. Without hardware acceleration, Google Earth generates artifacts that result in reduced image quality. And performance is a bit sluggish, too. That’s why we’ve introduced the XenDesktop HDX Optimization Pack for Google Earth. Now you can enjoy excellent image quality and responsiveness without the cost of hardware acceleration. Compared to Google’s built-in software rasterizer, we’re seeing higher quality graphics, a faster frame rate, better responsiveness and a more fluid user experience.

The Optimization Pack for Google Earth is a feature of XenDesktop 5.5 Enterprise and Platinum editions. Installation is simple. Just copy the d3d9.dll into the Google Earth program folder on the virtual desktop image and configure Google Earth for DirectX-based rendering by going to the Tools tab. The virtual machine needs to have two vCPUs to ensure good performance.

You can download the XenDesktop HDX Optimization Pack for Google Earth from the Citrix Downloads page here (be sure to login with your MyCitrix credentials).

A Knowledge Base article about this feature is now available: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131167

Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management
Citrix Product Strategist for HDX