Citrix invited Citrix Ready storage partners to demonstrate what makes their storage solutions ideal for XenDesktop environments. Storage is a critical and expensive part of any desktop virtualization project. With storage continuing to be in the industry spotlight, more than ever customers are faced with important decisions when selecting storage solutions. Through this challenge we want to make it easy for our customers to pick the best storage solutions for their use with Citrix XenDesktop.

Our experience with Citrix customers has indicated that all of them have specific needs and requirements when it comes to storage decisions for XenDesktop projects including, performance, manageability, cost, ease of use, power consumption, and so on. Therefore, we have defined several categories for participants of this Citrix Ready Storage Challenge.

Citrix Ready storage partners including Atlantis Computing, Dell, EMC, HP, Nexenta, Sanbolic and Virsto have found creative ways through these videos to promote their products.

Videos are being promoted on Citrix TV. Promotion is on for user community to vote for their favorite video at Citrix Ready Storage Challenge. You can decide which partner video wins your vote. The partner video with the maximum votes will win the “Most Innovative Video” award to be announced in November 2011. Here is an opportunity for you to visit the Citrix Ready Storage Challenge site and vote for your favorite video.