There’s going to be a lot happening at Synergy Barcelona—but that’s really just the start. The most important thing is not what happens at the conference, but what you take with you when you leave. Use this time to gain a close-up view of the opportunities for your business to grow—and leave with details on how to take full advantage of them.

It can all happen at the Citrix Solutions & Services Showcase located in the Solutions Expo. You’ll start seeing new business possibilities as we show you our products, services and solutions. The Citrix Showcase is where we take that vague phrase—“the cloud”—and break it down into its core concepts and supporting products, to show you how, exactly, you can put it to work for your business. Plus, you can see the latest demos, talk to Citrix product managers, and ask our engineers the questions that nobody else has been able to answer.

I think you’re going to leave the Showcase with some great ideas for your business—and information about how to make those ideas real. Take a moment now to see what’s happening at the Citrix Showcase—and start thinking about your path to greater business success.