Yesterday, I took a break from Synergy preparations to volunteer at Leonard Cheshire Disability Home as part of the Citrix Global Day of Impact.  Joined by Tim Hogarth, Gill Galloway, Tracey Hills and Stephen Teare from the UK team, we painted a (very long) corridor, a telephone room where residents can privately call loved ones and cleared leaves from the garden.

It’s so easy for us all to get wrapped up in our every day lives and for me, yesterday was massively humbling.  We met some wonderful people and had residents stopping to chat to us all day.  With conditions including MS, cerebal palsy and brain damage caused by the bends after a scuba diving trip, the likes of Donna, Keith and Sam were, despite everything they have to contend with, among the happiest and loveliest people I’ve ever met.

With 21 residents, the staff have so much to do and our help really made a difference.  I can’t even begin to guess how long it would have taken their maintenance man, Bob, to do what the five of us managed in a day. 

One resident, called Arthur, has recently completed a Masters in Physics and Maths via Open University.  He’s desperate for Windows 7 and I was hoping that amongst us Citrites, our partners and our customers that someone might be happy to please donate a copy?  In addition to his studies, Arthur also enjoys a daily glass of wine.  He shared with us that due to his condition, he has to drink it through a straw so you can only imagine how pickled he gets – and good for him I say!

Thank you to the team at Citrix who introduced the Global Day of Impact, I’m so proud of us all.


FANTASTIC news!!!  My ol’ friend Jon Silk at Waggener Edstrom has come up trumps  – they agency is going to donate a copy of Windows 7 Home to Arthur 🙂  Can’t say enough how happy I’ll be to make the call to the Home tomorrow!  Thank you so much Jon and the whole team at Wag Ed!  Good luck also with your ‘Make a Difference’ volunteer days, sounds brilliant.  A great end to the day 🙂