Command Center has been strategic for NetScaler and Branch repeater deployments from multiple years. Command Center helps with management and monitoring of several NetScaler and Branch Repeater instances together. From beginning it has been available as software which can be downloaded and installed on a server grade hardware. Beyond the software piece you need to have the database installation where Command Center software will write the data. Thus database remains key component and is a must to ensure you can do all kind of current and historical reporting and charting. So what is fundamentally changing with Command Center 5.0???

The 5.0 release of Command Center adds bunch of software features and introduces support for new products. Beyond all the features and support the “game changer” is Command Center hardware appliance. With feedback from various customers on scalability, quick deployment and manageability front we decided to introduce the Appliance form factor of Command Center which is a true turnkey solution having pre-loaded database on the appliance. It changes the game from different point of views:

  • Quick deployment
  • Turnkey  approach
  • Enterprise grade hardware
  • 500 GB of built-in storage
  • Pre-loaded MySQL database
  • Default High Availability support
  • Two way database replication
  • Built-in Database backup and restore
  • Built-in hard disk monitoring
  • Highly scalable – supports up to 300 units
  • No external hardware/software needed
  • Much better security being integrated solution


It does changes the game 🙂

Apart from the Command Center hardware appliance support there are many software features which add lot of value to the Command Center functionality.

  • SDX monitoring and management
  • Advanced Branch Repeater Reporting
  • Dual factor authentication
  • AD group Extraction
  • Simplified Installation
  • Task execution reporting
  • Refined Syslog search
  • New OS support
  • Application Template support

Hmmm… bunch of new features to try out. Make sure to try out beta build available for download from:

If you are a Branch Repeater customer/user then I can ensure you will love the BR Reporting enhancements. This is begining of a series of blogs on Command Center 5.0 features and functionalities thus watch out for more exciting content coming up 🙂