I have heard this time and time again, “Many enterprises want to take advantage of cloud computing but do not want to give up their own datacenters.”  I have also heard the term “hybrid cloud” grossly over-utilized and defined over and over again.  I would make a bet that if you stood in a room of IT folks and asked each person to define “What is hybrid cloud,” you would get a different answer and viewpoint with each person you talk to.  Let’s just keep the logic of cloud simple…

Enterprise administrators want to leverage low-cost compute in the cloud, while keeping things like databases, data storage and directory services in a secure, on-premise location.  The faster we can come to grips that not every application workload is cloud worthy, the more NetScaler CloudBridge will make sense.  Example: I want to migrate the web tier of an application to the cloud but leave the database securely back in my datacenter.  How do you reckon I do that?  Or I want to run Windows 7 desktops in a cloud provider but leave Microsoft Active Directory and storage back in my datacenter.  Feasible?

The core fundamental goal of NetScaler CloudBridge is to make cloud-hosted applications appear to administrators, tools and even the applications themselves as though they are running on the enterprise network. NetScaler CloudBridge is an open foundation for building a transparent, cloud-extended datacenter.   I mean, let’s face it; networking is CORE to cloud computing!

NetScaler CloudBridge:

  • Makes the cloud provider network look like a natural extension of your enterprise datacenter network
  • Helps to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of moving applications to the cloud
  • Reduces the risk of application failures, particularly those stemming from application migration
  • Enables broader, more-advanced use of cloud computing

Come check out my session:

Title: SYN209: Pushing the boundaries of your enterprise datacenter with Citrix CloudBridge

When: Wednesday October 26, 2011

Where: CCIB – Room 113

Now… this session will contain 3 cool things….

#1: Softlayer will be co-present in my session!

I have the distinct privilege of co-presenting with Nathan Day, the Chief Scientist of Softlayer.  Recently I sat down with Nathan and asked him a few questions.

Pete: What is cloud to Softlayer?

Nathan: We think that cloud is on-demand deployment of compute infrastructure charged using consumption-based billing.

Pete: What are some hurdles to moving to the cloud?

Nathan: For enterprises with existing infrastructure, making use of the cloud can be challenging because of the inability to extend an on-premise network to an off-premise environment.  Most legacy apps just weren’t written with this use case in mind.

Pete: How can Citrix NetScaler CloudBridge help?

Nathan: CloudBridge can help by providing that essential link between on-premise environment and a cloud-based environment.  With the link in place that CloudBridge provides, existing management tools and policies can be used by IT staff to deliver the apps to their end users.

Pete: What is your favorite thing about Citrix NetScaler CloudBridge?

Nathan: One of the best things about CloudBridge is the ability to use virtual NetScaler appliances to make the connection.  This degree of versatility allows CloudBridge to be on-demand matching the value proposition of moving to the cloud.

Pete If I am a VMWare administrator, will Citrix NetScaler CloudBridge help me in moving to your cloud?

Nathan: Since NetScaler VPX can run as a VMware virtual machine, there is a great deal of flexibility in setting up the endpoints.  For example, there could be a NetScaler VPX running in a VMware VM on-premise connected to a NetScaler VPX running in SoftLayer’s cloud connecting the two environments.

For those who are not familiar with Softlayer, they are a leading on-demand provider of hosting, managed, and cloud services, delivering control to the customer through automation and innovation in world class datacenters around the globe.

Great news… Softlayer plans to open a datacenter in Amsterdam sometime in November!  If you want more details than that, you will have to come to my session!

#2: Birthday Assistance Needed!

This time last year, I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my daughter and did not attend Synergy 2010 in Berlin.  Coincidently, I am presenting on my daughter’s 1st birthday, which is October 26th!  With the help of a Flip Camera and you, I want to record a special birthday wish for her!  Come on, how can you say no to this:

Annie likes CloudBridge!

Be prepared to help me capture a cool memory and say “Happy Birthday” in your native language!

#3: Well…

You will just have to come to SYN209 to see what else is in store for this great session!

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