Hello Community,

I am currently working on a support case for a customer who has experienced several service outages in their XenDesktop 4 deployment over the past month.

We are still in the middle of investigating the root cause of the service outages, so I will not go into these issues in this post.  However, the customer asked for a summary of the current hotfix status of XenDesktop 4, and for me to assist them in creating a roadmap that they can follow to update their environment to the latest code level.

At this stage I should say that none of our discussions have focussed on limited release hotfixes, all of our work has focussed on publically available fixes.

XenDesktop customers can view the available XenDesktop 4 hotfixes here: http://support.citrix.com/product/xd/v4.0/hotfix/general/public/

Customers can also view our recommended installation sequence for XenDesktop 4 hotfixes here: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX128604

However I felt for my customer that while the knowledgebase article was authoritative, because there are a number of components to XenDesktop 4 which are updated separately, the article is not the easiest to understand.

To help my customer I created the attached Visio diagram showing the current public hotfixes for XenDesktop.

XD4 Hotfix matrix 4th October 2011

I need to advise that this document was created on 4th October 2011 and shows the state of XenDesktop 4 Hotfixes on this date.  This document will not remain current for long although I will try to maintain it when possible.

In hope you find this useful.