You need to deploy application delivery solution for your critical app and you are stressed out with where to start  and how to ensure positive results. Hmmm… we may have a solution for you 🙂 What will be better than knowing what you need is pre-cooked and ready to use. When we say it is ready for use we mean serious business and production deployment here!! So far in this series we have discussed the history and workflows to use published templates and also create new template from scratch. Last week post is available at (/blogs/2011/09/28/creating-your-own-application-template-%e2%80%93-simplified-workflow/) and this one focuses on getting you started with using published Application Templates. These published templates are well tested and validated against given application deployment thus you can begin with trust 🙂

With given flexible framework and architecture, these Application Templates are 100% reusable and that is the reason why they are shared on regular basis for key applications. To get started with published Templates you can visit:


This community site provides details on published templates for various applications with respective release and build information. You can download the correct template from this page and import them on your NetScaler. The templates are available for different releases of NetScaler because with every release we do enhancements to existing Templates and also add intelligence on core feature which further optimizes the template and application deployment. Quick list on available Application Templates for download:

  • Generic Application (HTTP and SSL)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • SAP Enterprise SOA Portal
  • SAP Enterprise SOA ERP
  • SAP Enterprise SOA Composite
  • Oracle EBS
  • Siebel
  • JD Edwards
  • Easy Call
  • Merchandising Server Templates
  • Citrix Web Interface Templates

 Here is a snapshot of how these downloadable Templates look like:


The above screen shows the Templates for Generic Application and Microsoft Sharepoint. You can download these Templates and import them on NetScaler with a quick wizard. From NetScaler UI you can navigate to AppExpert node and Import the downloaded Template. You must be wondering what this “Generic Application” is. Apart from well-known applications we saw a need to build generic templates which can be used with most of web applications. These templates have generic policies and feature configuration for optimizing web application flow without any specific configuration piece which may end up breaking any application. Thus this template is simple and plain, you can take it up and modify/enhance it to suit your application needs. But it does give you a good start to build on…

Once you click on the import link following wizard shows up which takes you through 3 steps before you are done with importing the Template on NetScaler. Provide the Application name and you are done with the process of importing the Application Template.


For NetScaler 9.3 release you need to provide Template and Deployment file to be uploaded. By breaking the whole template in 2 files, we separate out the deployment details which are specific to every deployment. This deployment file can be edited while you share the template such that for new deployment one can change the specific details and import the deployment file which fits the new deployment scenario.


With few of this input given you are done with importing the template and NetScaler is ready to serve application traffic.  This is the most simplistic form of Application deployment you can achieve using templates on NetScaler. We will continue to build more such templates for popular applications and if you have any specific requirement then make sure you drop us a note on that!! Happy deployments…