Let’s start with a straightforward question: What is your process for creating a new user and granting them access to their business and productivity apps when they join your company? How many people are involved in this process from start to end? What is your SLA for a new employee creation? How many staff-days do you spend per month performing this task?

Although making an AD change request has a high degree of occurrence and is time-consuming, most enterprises will either handle it manually or will write some scripts to automate part of the process. As a consequence, the more users you have in an enterprise, the bigger the help desk will be. Because you need to do more with the same team, I am sure you would love a tool which can dramatically reduce the number of staff-days necessary to create a new employee while improving new user creation SLA.

We believe there is another way of tackling this issue: let user creation, including applications provisioning, be done by the manager, HR, or even the admin assistant. They are the ones who know best what applications a new employee will need to work efficiently. If they have an easy-to-use interface to input the user details, they will gladly do it themselves because they will get their new employees up and productive more quickly and with fewer missteps.

Does this mean that the IT Department loses total control of this critical task? Not at all! Yes the process will be fully automated, but at the same time the IT department will still have a total control on the degree of delegation.

Our session at Synergy will give you an insight into the delegation and automation capabilities of the Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix. Of course Cortex can do much more than handle user creation and updates. If you want to know more about the features of the Cortex Cloud Control Panel and the underlying architecture of this magical weapon, come and see
The one-minute miracle: how to provision a desktop in less than one minute on Thursday 27 October, 14:00 – 14:45 in CCIB – Room 113 SYN 202.

I look forward to meeting you in Barcelona

JC Taunay Bucalo

Sales Manager

Cloud Control Panel