I’m very happy to report that I am in Japan today for Tokyo iForum 2011!

Besides a great full-day session agenda filled with content-rich technical and business sessions, we will be holding the very first Geek Speak Live! in Japanese this afternoon!

Geek Speak Live! will include two topics of interest: Cloud and Desktop. It will take place this afternoon from 18:30 – 19:30, and here are the details:

GSL! Cloud topic: OpenStack, CloudStack, and cloud the future of open source operating platform
Moderator: Mr. Miki

GSL! Desktop topic: Expectations and realities of desktop virtualization
Moderator: Mr. Niino

Both topics will have an esteemed panel of Geeks who are very influential technical experts and thought leaders!
If you are attending iForum Tokyo, please make sure to stop by and participate in Geek Speak Live!
More about Tokyo  iForum:

It’s early and iForum is now kicking-off with the first sessions of the day.
Wes Wasson, Michael King, and Michael Harries just finished rehearsing for the opening keynote that will take place at 10:00 this morning:

Please see the Tokyo iForum Website for more details, including the agenda!

It’s a super exciting day for Citrix enthusiasts and a momentous occasion for the Geek Speak Program!

Many thanks (うもありがとう — Dōmo arigatō ) to Citrix Japan for all of the work they have done to arrange this spectacular event!   🙂

Laura Whalen
Geek Speak PM
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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