I don’t have my own Kindle Fire yet but I am sure I will get one even though I already have an iPad. The $199 price point, smaller size and promise of fast browsing makes it worth the impulse purchase. I wonder how many others will do the same.

As has been reported Amazon is only breaking even on the Fire with plans to make it up in volume… 🙂   For most companies thats a fallacy, but for Amazon its true. The increase in content and merchandise purchasing will likely provide the profit required and the upside will be future offerings and monetization of all that “Big data” accumulated from millions of users surfing and buying through the Silk Browser. Think about what its worth to have statistically significant information to predict a buyers behavior based on; demographics, comparison web shopping, prior purchases etc. And perhaps even make adjustments on the fly based on price or special offers. It sounds big brotherish.. but it’s opt-in.  Google beware..

I don’t need the Kindle Fire but I do want it. The fast Silk browser sounds appealing along with Flash support and provided I can get to “my stuff” in the cloud or “work stuff” with Citrix Receiver this should give me one more device for work or play.

The tweener 7 inch size may fit the bill when I consider bringing an ipad but I need something pocketable so I can be handsfree if needed. The Kindle Fire is likely to also find a spot near the TV for couch surfing.

Why not ? Probably the best defense Apple can provide from the Amazon encroachment is to get users to put all their stuff in iCloud making it inconvenient to swap back and forth between non i-devices. Amazon will make the Fire to Amazon site seamless but we will need to see about other services and data. This dilemma will probably make cross platform solutions still appealing in a growing world of vertical stacks.

Not a laptop replacement .. The Kindle Fire will not be a good laptop alternative as the iPad can be utilized. With no HDMI / Video or Bluetooth its not “Nirvana Device” capable, but for occasional usage for work apps it may do just fine.

What about you, will buy the Fire ? Will it replace anything or just add to the collection ?