If you’re delivering IT as a Service to SMB or Enterprise customers you should take a look at our summit session SUM204 – Self Service Desktop and Application provisioning for Cloud Service Providers

Did you know a growing number of Service Providers deliver hosted desktops and applications using XenApp and XenDesktop? Smart Service providers are adding more value and customer satisfaction by bundling desktops with complimentary services such as Exchange, SharePoint and CRM.

What is involved in delivering this kind of service? How do the successful Service Providers scale and compete to deliver service to hundreds or thousands of customers? Used today by leading Cloud Providers, the Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix drives massive efficiency and delivers end-customers with an all-round better IT solution.

Automation of all core moves, adds and changes, enabling multi-tenancy in Active Directory, full support for delivering services through a reseller channel – these are just some of the features that allow an extensive range of applications and services to be delivered and managed from one easy-to-use web-based console.

Bringing all of these common activities into one console allows you to enable dramatic efficiencies in your helpdesk. The real magic comes in when you are able to delegate common tasks out to your customers. Your customers can instantly create new users, reset passwords and give users access to applications, no tickets or phone calls required.

Our session at Summit will give you an insight into the challenges associated with delivering anything as Service and will give you the opportunity to learn about the new Citrix product that will help you become a cloud provider. (BTW, many Citrix Service Providers identify the Cortex Cloud Control Panel as their “secret weapon” against competitors 😉

We’ll have some exciting new announcements to make about the product at this session; I look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.

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