One may think now what is the association with the movie Matrix. Was it really Morpheus being reloaded? No, not really. So what is Project Morpheus reloaded? We started this project for Synergy San Francisco this year and provided insights as part of this blog. This is phase two of this project for Synergy Barcelona and since we had many lessons learned from phase one, we reloaded the project with more new initiatives to continue providing you an experience with transformed desktops.

This time we will let every Synergy attendee experience it in one or another way, basically there is no way to bypass a transformed desktop. Several Synergy use cases will be provided by the solution build as part of Project Morpheus Reloaded and powered by Citrix. To mention a view, the use cases Internet Access Center, Registration Desk, and Press Center will leverage virtual desktops build according to Citrix Consulting best practices and delivered through the latest technologies by our supporting partners.

The leveraged technologies are the latest and greatest by Citrix and our partners to provide a scalable and reliable real-world environment for transformed desktops:

  • The Citrix infrastructure provides with XenDesktop 5.5 and XenApp 6.5 a broad range of transformed desktops. The virtual servers providing the required infrastructure  components such as domain controller, DNS server, Desktop Controller, etc.  are hosted on XenServer 6.
  • The Cisco solution comprises of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with UCS B250 Blades with additional components UCS 6120 Fabric Interconnects and Nexus Switches.
  • NetApp complements the Cisco UCS solution with a storage solution.
  • The Dell solution consists of Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers including Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI Arrays.
  • The virtual desktops are delivered from a Microsoft Hyper-V platform and we will leverage a pre-release version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to manage not only Hyper-V, but also XenServer.
  • We secured the virtual desktops and server roles with McAfee Security solutions.
  • As we need real-time insights into the environment for pro-active management and operate efficiently, we implemented Splunk for visibility.

As you can see, we did not shy away of providing you the best experience in a realistic scenario, which has also demanding reliability and security requirements. In order to meet these requirements, we went through the exercise of conducting a Desktop Transformation Assessment of our internal Citrix teams to determine the right desktop with the right application set. This guided us with the process of architecting the solution and defining the required hardware and software components. By doing so, it simplified the system build process since we were able to prioritize the activities and start with the “low hanging
fruits” use cases to get quick results.

You may ask yourself, this sounds like overly processed work just for some use cases. Believe it or not, it ensured that we captured all key information at the very beginning, eliminated expected obstacles by defining the right architecture, defined our project plan accordingly, and worked systematically on the system build with all Citrix teams and partners – mostly virtual and even covering two continents. I am pretty sure without this exercise, we would never have gotten that far while the countdown ticking.

Therefore, we learned again many new things that we will share during Synergy Barcelona. We will provide  lessons learned and best practices during the Desktop Transformation Model 5-part presented by Citrix Consulting. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to see the infrastructure delivering transformed desktops as well as have discussions with Citrix consultants and our partners. Where will it be located? I think you will not miss it. 🙂

While the equipment is almost on the road to get timely to Barcelona, we will share some more insights into Project Morpheus Reloaded through additional blogs and videos. Therefore stay tuned.

What is next? Project Morpheus Revolution? I leave that to your imagination or if you have some cool ideas, please do not hesitate to post them here.

See you at Barcelona!


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