Approximate Total:  51 Hours of FREE XenServer Training

With the recent increase in demand for XenServer as the primary virtualization technology for the datacenter, I frequently hear from XenServer Admins and Citrix Cloud Admins that they love the number of features included in the different editions of the XenServer product. The request often turns to “Where can I get more training on the advanced features?” This prompted me to compile a simple “How To…” post providing links to videos and training resources for the XenServer product line. I’ll make it a personal quest to keep it current!

(…and to give credit where due, I was inspired by Roshan’s XenServer Resource Links blog here: /blogs/2010/11/23/xenserver-resource-links/)

General Documentation
Basic Installation and Configuration
Installation and Configuration of Advanced Features
Storage Configuration
Network Configuration
Administration of XenServer