Amazon announced the Kindle Fire Tablet today and it looks to be a winner. The smaller 7″ form factor and $199 price will distinguish it enough from the iPad, plus the host of services from Amazon will provide a seamless experience that only Apple has been able to provide so far. Chances are Amazon has your Credit Card already .. only  One Click to buy !

The question is how will you use the Kindle Tablet ? Will it be just for consuming books, music and surfing the Web ? These may be the primary use cases, but just as the iPad has proven, people want access to everything … from everywhere, or any device, including work apps and docs.

We expect that the Kindle Tablet will be the next pervasive Tablet that shows up at work as another Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ) that IT will need to deal with. It may not be the CXO favorite but for knowledge workers that like the size and price, you can predict that millions of this Tablet will start showing up. If not inside work, certainly outside.

For the progressive IT shops that have Citrix infrastructure and allow BYOD, safe support of the Kindle Fire Tablet should be a non issue.  Citrix Receiver for Android will provide the secure access point to any corporate app or document hosted on XenDesktop or XenApp. Certainly a review of authentication methods, timeout policies and WAN access need to be considered and it probably makes sense for IT to go buy a device and test with the appropriate company apps. Thinking forward wouldn’t it also be great to publish your XenApp hosted applications from EC2 and deliver to Amazon Tablets.

If you are attending Citrix Synergy in Barcelona next month be sure to attend my session … were we will describe more details and best practices from enabling BYOD and Mobile app options.

SUM221: Security considerations for bring-your-own-device programs

If you plan to get the Amazon Kindle Tablet and want to use Citrix Receiver let us know.

 Update : CitrixReceiver for the Fire is now available in the Amazon Fire App Store. Try it out and put it to work !