We’re very excited about the prospects of the newest tablet entry, the Amazon Fire! Announced earlier today this $199 android-based tablet with all the optimizations for Amazon services and content coupled with the rich Android app store will certainly translate into a successful platform.

Citrix has long believed that the broad introduction of new device form factors, capabilities and competition are good for end user choice and freedom. The Amazon Fire is only the latest example of a unique platform offering end users a differentiated coupling of capability, access and services. We want to add our commitment to the platform by adding Citrix Receiver to the mix to allow end users easy, secure, self-service access to Enterprise desktops, apps, and data. By supporting the Android ecosystem, Amazon has made it easy to provide Citrix Receiver out-of-the-box to its customers.

We will also be working closely with Amazon in the coming months to determine if there are additional optimizations and customizations that we can pursue to improve the end user experience for customers using Citrix Receiver on the Amazon Fire. As we have with other vendors, we believe that the experience should be seamless and native. We will continue to aggressively pursue this vision on the Fire and new platforms as they’re introduced.

Stay tuned for more information from Citrix on the availability of Receiver for the Amazon Fire. We will endeavor to insure day one availability starting on the November 15 launch date for Amazon’s new tablet!