I know we’ve said it before but at Citrix, we’re continually being wowed by the new devices and capabilities appearing in the office. Yet, these new devices always bring about the same question: How do we adopt these technologies and devices for work?  How can we make it easy for IT departments to say “yes” when their internal customers ask for support?

We’re seeing an ever-growing number and range of devices appearing in the office.  And, more than ever before, IT professionals want to understand how they can put the brilliant functions of these devices to work, integrating them into their IT architecture. That’s why we design Citrix Synergy around “turning your wow into how”.

At Synergy Barcelona we’re going even further to help you get the most from desktop virtualization, beginning with the expansion of our Desktop Transformation Program. The program guides you through desktop virtualization from start to finish, starting with “how” you can transform the way you manage desktops with virtualization to accelerate that “wow” from your end users. Citrix consulting experts take you on an educational journey to understand desktop virtualization deployment through the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model. During the five part series, Citrix experts will help you assess your organization’s needs and priorities, plan your infrastructure, design the architecture that will power your virtualized network and deploy your desktops across any device. In other words, we’ll be helping you through every step of the desktop transformation process, helping you ensure that you’re successful as you use desktop virtualization as the mainstream way you deliver desktops to all users!

Not convinced yet? Well, the Citrix booth should help you make up your mind – it will showcase our most comprehensive portfolio yet, including 54 stations spotlighting virtualization and cloud set-ups. There will also be demonstrations to help illustrate the future corporate infrastructure required to support a growing and more mobile workforce.

Not only that, Citrix Synergy Barcelona is “powered by Citrix” with the conference infrastructure taking full advantage of Citrix virtualization networking and cloud technologies. This means you will see and experience scalable, high performance virtuailzation throughout the show and be wowed by the numbers of virtual desktops, virtual machines and NetScaler instances we can pack into the CCIB!  The entire conference is a demonstration of “how” to bring that “wow” to your organization.

So if you’re ready to learn “how” these new devices can best work for you, I hope you’ll join us Citrix Synergy in Barcelona.  Register here now!

Fins després,