We recently shared with you on how to use XenClient to try out the latest Windows 8 Developer Preview. Another OS is having an update as well. The next version of Ubuntu 11.10 is set to roll out on October 13. But before the arrival of that final version, you can check out the latest and final Beta 2 update that came out on September 22. Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 sports an updated Unity interface and latest applications such as the latest Firefox 7 Beta 6 web browser, Linux kernel 3.0.4, LibreOffice 3.4.3, and more.

In XenClient 2, we added experimental support for Ubuntu 11.04. The segment of the XenClient user community who develops, tests, supports or uses Ubuntu can now check out the latest version of Ubuntu today. Here’s how:

Prepare the Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 CD

Create a new Ubuntu VM on XenClient

  • On an installed version of XenClient 2, create a new VM by using the “Add VM – Install from Disc” option on the Citrix Receiver for XenClient menu bar.

  • In the “Create from Install Disc” wizard, make sure to choose “Ubuntu 11.04 32bit experimental” as the type of VM to create the virtual desktop to host Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2. Name the VM based on preference, “Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2” as an example. Make sure you allocate sufficient resources as per Ubuntu 11.10 system requirements.
  • Complete the steps in the “Create from Install Disc” wizard to install Ubuntu properly.
  • Start up your new Ubuntu virtual desktop. Complete the Ubuntu set up process.

The Ubuntu support is experimental in XenClient and this beta build is not currently supported. The XenClient Tools are incompatible with it as well.

We like to hear from you on your experience using XenClient to test drive Ubuntu.