Have you ever wondered how a SSD works and why read/write performance can drop once the disk contains some data? Have you heard of nested RAID levels, but you where not sure how a RAID 50 works and if it would make send for your environment? Have you attended a meeting about planning your new data centers and you heard people talking about synchronous and semi-synchronous storage replication and you wonder if this can affect the performance / reliability of your databases?

If these questions apply to you or if you would like to learn more about general storage technologies, such as disk technologies, storage architectures and  protocols or fault tolerance techniques, then you should download the updated and extended “Introduction to Storage Technologies” white paper (CTX118397). Combine it with a nice bottle of wine and you’ll have an entertaining evening… 🙂

In a second step you should take a look at our recently released Storage Best Practices and Planning Guide. You can download the guide as part of the XenDesktop Design Handbook (bit.ly/xdhandbook / see planning section) or directly from our KB (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130632).

If you want to learn more about Storage and how it relates to Citrix products, make sure to register here for Synergy in Barcelona and join our Session SYN308 – The Desktop Transformation Model, Part 3: design storage the right way