Has the Citrix Receiver rocked your world yet?! Have you been keeping track of how Citrix has been emancipating corporate workers from their sole dependence on IT-owned laptops and desktops to get any office work done?

Over the last couple of years the Citrix Receiver has been enabling people to get easy, intuitive and simple access to their desktops, Windows applications and services from either their corporate or personal device(s). As I have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, this trend of moving away from a IT-centric environment to a consumer-centric computing model is increasingly getting tagged as “Consumerization of IT”. The rapid proliferation of personal device form-factors like tablets and the viral adoption of emerging platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome and QNX (for RIM’s Playbook) are further accentuating such “consumerization” and the resulting need for what I call “ubiquitous computing”, i.e, access to your “work” (applications, desktops and data) from ANY DEVICE, ANY WHERE.

Now, in addition to the various Receivers (for Windows, Mac, iOS, etc….) providing such ubiquitous IT resource access on your preferred device, have you wondered what is it  that could enable the creation of an application storefront and let you securely access, aggregate and publish your applications and desktops? Citrix has the answer!

Find out more by registering for the premium Citrix conference, Synergy, at Barcelona (Oct 26-28, 2011) and see what Peter and I have to talk about in Session SYN 330 regarding the future of Citrix Receiver solutions!