Special Offer Exclusively for V-Alliance Partners

At Citrix Summit and Synergy in Barcelona, October 24-28, you will experience an exceptional week of extensive training, technical content and more breakout sessions than ever before, but did you know you’ll also receive a V-Alliance Hands-on Lab on site at no charge?

This Hands-on Lab provides V-Alliance partners with the skills to implement an end-to-end Citrix and Microsoft virtualization solution. You’ll learn how to enable your customer’s virtual computing plans through hands-on exercises designed to quickly make you comfortable with the technologies. As a bonus, participating in this lab fulfills the hands-on-lab requirement of the V-Alliance campaign.

Dates/Times for V-Alliance Hands-on Lab

Wednesday, October 26: 1:30 – 5:30 and

Thursday, October 27: 8:00 – 12:00

How to Register

Preregister today for the V-Alliance Hands-On Lab by sending an email to V-AllianceSupport@acbcoop.com. Also, be sure to register for Citrix Summit.