You’ve probably seen the latest buzz around Windows 8 Developer Preview and the new Metro interface introduced at the Microsoft BUILD event for developers this week. Want to see and get a first-hand experience with what the buzz is all about?

You can check it out yourself without interrupting your day-to-day working desktop by easily running Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual desktop using XenClient 2 today. For developers who want to start working on building apps and tools for Windows 8, get up and running now by spinning up the latest and greatest OS in a virtual desktop by using XenClient 2. XenClient 2 is available for download at

Here’s how:

Prepare Windows CD: Download Windows 8 Developer Preview edition (32-bit for x86) ISO image and burn the image onto a DVD. The ISO image is 2.8 GB in size.

Create New Virtual Desktop:

  • On an installed version of XenClient 2, create a new VM by using the “Add VM – Install from Disc” option on the Citrix Receiver for XenClient menu bar.

  • In the “Create from Install Disc” wizard, make sure to choose “Ubuntu 11.04 32bit experimental” as the type of VM to create the virtual desktop to host Windows 8 Developer Preview. You can name the VM anyway you prefer, including “Windows 8 Preview” as an example. Make sure you allocate sufficient resources as per Windows 8 Developer Preview system requirements.
  • Complete the steps in the “Create from Install Disc” wizard and the Windows OS will install properly

Start It Up: Start up your new Windows 8 Developer Preview virtual desktop. Complete the Windows set up process.

Note: Since Windows 8 Developer Preview is a pre-beta build of Windows 8, this OS is not currently supported and the XenClient Tools are incompatible with it as well.

We like to hear from you on your experience using XenClient or running Windows 8 Developer Preview.