I hope everyone enjoyed their summer.  Warm weather, vacations to the beach, lots of outdoor activity.  But with the end of summer comes the dreaded school season.  Books, teachers, cold weather, and, for some of us, that means snow and freezing temperatures.  However, there is one class that is sure to beat the school-time blues – the XenServer Master Class.

The XenServer Master Class was developed as a way for us to provide insight into our product to as many people as possible.  Over the last year, we have hosted classes with topics ranging from XenServer and Storage to XenServer and Disaster Recovery to XenServer and Networking.  These classes are always hosted by Steve Benton and Lee Bushen, two very excited, fun Citrites, who are also XenServer experts.

Each class is scheduled for one hour with the Master Class Extra to follow.  The Master Class Extra is an interactive session where participants can ask Steve and Lee questions about XenServer and they’ll provide examples and demos to answer the questions as best as possible.  In previous classes, the extra session has lasted up to 4 hours.

So if you’re interested in joining our next class, sign up today.  We have two class offerings in September.  And if you’re wondering what a Master Class is and would like more information, check out the Master Class Preview video.