Step One… Attend Citrix Summit in Barcelona – October 24-25.  This is the only time in 2011 you will find partners, subject matter experts, business experts, executives and sales all in the same place (in Europe) and at the same time.  Have burning questions that only folks from corporate can answer… buy a ticket and come to the sessions.  We will even set up time to meet with you one-on-one AND you will see the latest and greatest technology demonstrated onsite.


Step Two… Attend the sessions specifically designed to make you –

1. More productive (better optimization of your datacenter and provisioning of services); SUM 212 – Reference Arch and design principles for Citrix Service Providers, SUM 207 – Cloud-hosted desktops: today, tomorrow and beyond, SUM 204 – Self-service desktop and application provisioning  for Cloud Service Providers


2. More profitable (ways to reach your current customer base and businesses who don’t yet know who you are); SUM107 – Building a CSP business, SUM 116 – Deliver cloud hosted desktops

Step Three… Collaborate with other CSPs doing the same thing you are – hosted services to thousands of SMBs around the world.  Over 100 of your closest CSP friends will be at this event and if you’ve signed up for the CSP LinkedIn group, you know the kinds of folks I’m talking about.  Not afraid to ask the tough questions and more importantly not afraid to answer them as well (from a real life service providers perspective).

Step Four… Reach out (in advance) to the people from the Cloud App Delivery Group who will be onsite delivering this critical information.  Those folks are… Calvin Hsu (Marketing), Kurt Moody (Solutions Architecture), Yours truly (Market Development & Strategy), Colin Williams (Control Panel), Orestes Melgarejo (Product Management), Emeline Espinet (Business Planning), Dan Sparks (Program Sales) and the big honcho himself, Bill Burley (VP/GM Cloud App Delivery Group).  We are all in the LinkedIn group and you can reach us there.

Step Five… Come prepared by educating yourself in advance of this awesome forum by – checking out the CSP Toolkit.

See you in Barcelona!