One of the many sound bites of wisdom at that came out at the SFTA event was listening to John Sculley describe the Newton and how Apple was investing hugely trying to change the world. Mean while a startup called Palm was able to solve a specific juicy problem of syncing a PDA to PC, surpassing the Newton in the market. On the other hand the iPhone and iPad have been timed seemingly perfectly based on the technology capability as well as customer  opportunity. John also praises Jobs vision and ability to include just the right set of features.

John Sculley talking about the Newton.

” Moore’s Law is about technology, Steve’s Law is about Magic.. picking the moment when Magic is possible ” – John Sculley

Patty McHugh – “Mother of the Motherboard” one of the famous 12 at IBM that developed the IBM PC.
Ed Iacobucci – the founder of Citrix, and the original IBM-Microsoft OS/2 Architect
John Sculley – the former President and CEO of Apple
Mark Templeton – the President and CEO of Citrix
Gary Wisgo – led engineering for the “Simon”, the industry’s first Smartphone from IBM & BellSouth

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