If you’d like to drive more leads from new customers to your business, V-Alliance Syndication is the answer you’re looking for.  V-Alliance Syndication offers high value deliverables like a desktop virtualization calculator, white papers about deploying Windows 7® with XenDesktop, the Desktop Transformation Model, and Hyper-V Architecture and Sizing, among others.

The best part is that when customers request these deliverables from your web site, their contact information is passed directly back to you for follow up.  You can use these contacts for individual calls or as a list of prospects for upcoming webinars or events that you may be planning.
Remember, all V-Alliance Syndication content fits neatly within the look and feel of your existing web site.

See an example of V-Alliance Syndication now and learn more about the V-Alliance campaign, the  joint collaboration between Citrix and Microsoft.