At the recent South Florida Technology Alliance ( SFTA ) event, Ed Iacobucci described his job interview with Bill Gates and the roots of how Citrix got started in 1989. For this and many other Tech history moments plus valuable current insight from those that were there have a look…
( jump to 30:33 if needed for Ed’s Story )

Patty McHugh – “Mother of the Motherboard” one of  the famous 12 at IBM that developed the IBM PC.
Ed Iacobucci – the founder of Citrix, and the original IBM-Microsoft OS/2 Architect
John Sculley – the former President and CEO of Apple
Mark Templeton – the President and CEO of Citrix
Gary Wisgo – led engineering for the “Simon”, the industry’s first Smartphone  from IBM & BellSouth

For other quotes and discussions with direct links from this remarkable event.