If you’ve used HDX Monitor before, you would appreciate the way it takes some of the mystery out of configuring and troubleshooting HDX components on XenDesktop.  It has effectively filled the need for an intelligent troubleshooting tool for the last two releases of XenDesktop.

Well HDX Monitor 2.0 is here and it takes the next evolutionary steps to help support HDX administration.  The first big change you’ll notice is that HDX Monitor 2.0 now allows you to target any XenDesktop VDA (XD) or XenApp server (XA) in the same network domain.  That means you can troubleshoot a system remotely while the user interacts with it.  Of course you can still install and run HDX Monitor 2.0 on the same VDA that you are connected to, but this new remote troubleshooting capability opens up a whole new world for the Citrix administrator.

We’ve also included information from the new features found in XD 5.5 (e.g. Aero Redirection) as well as showing the latest improvements in features, like Audio Plug-n-Play support, our improved Flash V2, and Windows Media enhancements.

So I hope you noticed that we now support XenApp in HDX Monitor 2.0.  Since HDX features are found in both products this was another natural step for HDX Monitor.  When targeting a XenApp server you will see a new Session drop down box.  Here you can select the actual XA session to monitor.  Notice also that the list of HDX Features adjust to those currently supported in XA.

So there you have it, HDX Monitor 2.0 has evolved to better help XenDesktop 5.5 and now XenApp 6.5 administrators manage their HDX features.  We’ll continue to refine and improve HDX Monitor 2.0 so download the latest version from http://hdx.citrix.com/hdx-monitor and start monitoring your systems.