Ever heard of End User Experience and thought off, what is that mean?

Bad End User Experience is the main reason why desktop virtualization projects fail.

End User Experience is not just a set of technologies as HDX, but how to design your overall solution from ground to top, for your users to be delighted. Don’t get me wrong, HDX does matter, a lot.

The more you scale, the more it matters to you to understand what are the best practices you should be considering. That’s why I encourage you to attend Dan Allen’s and mine session at next Synergy Barcelona, where we will show you the best practices you should apply as part of the Desktop Transformation Model, for you to cheer up your users and you being successful.

To be honest, virtual desktops is a new model, where your management and operations will transform. However, your users will have to adopt it.

If you don’t want to get your brains fried with user’s complains, you should be attending. Don’t miss the opportunity and SUBSCRIBE.

Not learning this may expose yourself to your user’s anger. Just to remind you how this could look like:

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SYN309: The Desktop Transformation Model, Part 4: design and deployment tips to deliver the best user experience

We will show you the key points for your end user experience to take off.

See you then and have fun at Synergy Barcelona.