2011 Data Breach Investigations Report provided by Verizon and RISK team (with cooperation from the U.S. Secret Service and the Dutch High Tech Crime Unit) says that 4M total records compromised across the combined caseload of Verizon and the United States Secret Service (USSS).  Here is a breakdown of how the breaches occur:

  • 50% utilized some form of hacking
  • 49% incorporated malware
  • 29% involved physical attacks
  • 17% resulted from privilege misuse
  • 11% employed social tactics

 This shows that hacking at 50% and Malware at 49% are leading as to how the breaches occur.  In addition, stolen, weak or no credentials being top most breach reasons.  For more up to date info on this, feel free to go use the following link here.

Just wanted to share as the data shows how critical it is to have Web Application Firewalls to any organization, whether it is Telco, enterprise or government sectors, all experience breaches that really require top notch firewalls such as NetScaler Application Firewall.  Info about NetScaler Application Firewall can be found here.