What does everyone need to get work done when away from the office? Email, company apps and online meetings. The new Motorola DROID BIONIC provides all three out of the box. The specs on this device as a smartphone are top of the line:

4G LTE ,   4.3 Inch Gorilla Glass Display,   1 GHz dual-core CPU,   1 GB RAM, 8 Megapixel camera with 1080p Video Recording,  Mobile hotspot, 16 GB onboard storage plus 16 GB microSD card

Most users today want a device for work and play from anywhere. The Android  2.3.4 OS provides a great platform for personal use with hundreds of thousands of apps along with the great 8 Megapixel camera and display.

When you want to get work done the DROID BIONIC really excels. Joining an online meeting can be as simple as clicking a link with GoToMeeting preloaded.  VoIP audio is integrated along with a view of meeting attendees plus easy controls for mute and zoom and screen rotation.

Citrix Receiver provides access to company apps from anywhere when mobile making it easy to play without lugging a laptop just in case. The DROID BIONIC also includes the break though Webtop feature first introduced with the ATRIX. Dock the device in desktop or laptop dock and instantly a full sized 1024 x1280 desktop display and keyboard/mouse is enabled. The secure linux based webtop includes a full flash enabled Firefox browser, a file manager and Citrix Receiver. Web Apps, SaaS , Documents and Windows apps covers almost every work requirement.

The ability to dock to a high resolution Display plus full keyboard & mouse qualifies the DROID BIONIC as true NirvanaPhone. Why consider just a smartphone if  $299 gets a device that can transform to a full function PC alternative.