One of our Middle-East Citrix partner (Smart-X) has created a new tool and has caught my attention as I find this tool very useful! I think it’s well worth sharing with you.

ControlUp is a unified management console for the machines running Windows Operating Systems in your environment. That said, you can use it to monitor live data from your XenApp or XenDesktop environment, or any other machines running Windows OS.

You can monitor a whole lot of live data across your environment: sessions, processes, RAM usage, CPU usage, free disk space,…

The tool also offer a very effective filtering of all the data it collects, allowing you to identify issues in real time and react through the many different actions available.

The tool is still under development but is already a very powerful tool for actively monitoring, troubleshooting, reacting to an outage… This is definitely a tool to keep an eye on.

To download the freeware version, head to Smart-X website: