Based on comments and offline feedback we have received from my previous blog announcing the release of Receiver for Windows 3.0 and Mac 11.4, we have surprised a few people with our new products.  I, therefore, wanted to take the opportunity to provide clarifications in order to proactively avoid any potential confusion on part of users, partners and our customers.

The Receiver for Mac is now available only from the website and no longer from Apple’s App Store, for reasons outlined by Benjamin Baer in a separate blog last week. As he clearly mentions this change is by no means any indication of our commitment to continue to optimize the Receiver experience on Mac platforms, but simply to accommodate certain technical restrictions and customer requests for alternatives to the App Store.

The Receiver for Windows 3.0 replaces the Online Plug-In (12.1) on our client download pages. Those  wanting to continue to use the Online Plug-In need to  get it from the Legacy Clients section on the Citrix download page.

A number of people have been surprised by the fact that Receiver for Windows 3.0 deprecated the option to access applications from the Notification Area.  This was done  for a number of reasons as we move towards our vision for improved usability and consistent operation across Receivers. If you must have the Notification Area menu functionality previously offered, you have the flexibility to continue to use the Online Plug-In 12.1. Of course this comes at the expense of any new capabilities offered in Receiver for Windows 3.0.

Beyond these changes, further enhancements to enable self-service IT, usability and  more consistency across all platforms, mobile or otherwise are in the works.  Today’s users access desktops and virtualized applications in more than one way and from more than one device.  Simplifying access and reducing learning time is a value we want to  deliver by providing a common way of subscribing to applications, launching applications, remote access, and set-up across all Receivers.  For example you can expect  future versions of Receiver for Windows to include native support for self-service applications access as well as Remote Access as do Receivers for  Mac, iOS, and Android today.

Keep your feedback coming ..we will be sure to assess them as we continue to put the best interest of our customers out in the forefront.