I have been reading several posts about exactly what the Service Provider Industry needs to properly deliver “Desktops as a Service” or DaaS to the mass market.  The premise is that DaaS includes multi-tenant, self-service infrastructure for image management, network topology, access policies, etc., but leaves the actual management of desktop and applications to someone else, presumably the customers’ IT staff.  In other words, they are proposing that DaaS is just a way for IT to move all their burdens from their local data center into the cloud.

Is this really DaaS?  Or is this IaaS wearing a different hat?  When you use Dropbox, do they ask you to setup their back-end networks before
you can save a file?  When you add customer information using Salesforce do you have to configure access to the database?  No you don’t!
These are services that are simple to use.  The multi-tenancy aspect is left to the provider.  This is true SaaS.  Don’t you think DaaS
should be delivered in the same fashion?  That is… a desktop as a vehicle to offer a stack of applications delivering the service defined by “end customer needs”.  This model produces cloud-scale.  The savvy Service Provider knows that delivering the right stack (i.e. what customers want
and are willing to pay for) using this approach is key to scaling their business.

At Citrix, we engage Service Providers to deliver the entire stack, from the multi-tenant, self-service IaaS solution to the desktop and app workloads
that run on them.  But our strategy doesn’t end there.  We also provide automation and best practices for DaaS to enable Service
Providers the ability to easily and reliably carve their infrastructure into secure enclaves and deliver desktop stacks at cloud scale.  This in turn enables them to provide multi-tenant, fully managed desktop services that hide the complexities of the underlying infrastructure from the tenant.

Wouldn’t you rather have a Citrix Solution that empowers you to add differentiated services for your customers?

In future blogs I will address some of the technologies we are bringing to market to truly enable Desktops as a SERVICE.