Desktop Director 2.0 continues to focus on the theme of management simplicity.  As the PM for Desktop Director, I’m excited with our continued expansion of Desktop Director’s capabilities.  You can now deploy a single Desktop Director web site to manage multiple XenDesktop sites and to support user troubleshooting across multiple XenDesktop and XenApp sites.

Single pane of glass

With Desktop Director 2.0, you are now able to view and troubleshoot both XenApp and XenDesktop user sessions within the same User Details View.  Searching for a user is aggregated across both of your XenApp farms and XenDesktop sites.

Do you know what your users are experiencing?

Citrix HDX technologies have been the defacto standard for delivering a high definition user experience.  Desktop Director 2.0 now provides integration with the HDX Monitor tool, providing visibility into the performance of the HDX stack.  The HDX information appears on the User Details pages for XenDesktop and XenApp sessions and is available as a downloadable report from those pages.  Now when a user calls into the help desk to complain about Adobe Flash not working right, the operator is able to quickly identify why the flash in their session is not working as expected.


Desktop Director utilizes eDocs.  Be sure to check there for further details.

Desktop Director is continually evolving.  I’m excited with the capabilities of 2.0 and even more excited looking forward to the future as we continue to evolve Desktop Director into a more robust monitoring and troubleshooting tool.