XenClient 2 is Available Now!
With more than 100,000 downloads of XenClient since v1 and with more than 10,000 checking out the Tech Preview of v2, we are excited that XenClient 2 is finally available now.

XenClient 2 extends the performance, flexibility and security of desktop virtualization to mobile users—and even lets users run multiple virtual desktops on a single laptop—while providing effective control for IT departments over data protection and desktop image management.

Flexibility for Mobile Employees
As organizations expand their business reach and coverage to include conducting business throughout the world in a global economy, employees who travel for business demand better laptops that will allow them to remain productive whenever and wherever they are, even without network connectivity. XenClient 2 removes any cumbersome requirements for employees to have multiple devices for business and personal uses. Mobile employees can use a single machine with XenClient 2 to accomplish different work tasks as well as to have virtual environment for personal use.

Give IT Departments Security and Control… without Compromises
IT departments are challenged with issues involved in balancing the requirements between the need to effectively control and protect corporate data and assets while satisfying the demands of the mobile employees. XenClient 2’s new features empower IT to gain control over data protection and desktop image management:

XenClient 2’s Value Proposition for Businesses
What do the new features of XenClient 2 mean to an enterprise? What is the value proposition of a client virtualization solution like XenClient for a business?

XenClient 2 is designed to help enterprises to extend the benefits of virtual desktops to their mobile employees so that they can work effectively and enhance their productivity. At the same time, businesses can lock down and secure corporate laptops with XenClient 2 to protect business data.

XenClient offers many benefits to mobile employees, IT departments, and businesses, including:

  • Assisting employees to work effectively and enhancing their productivity while remaining mobile
  • Providing safe, separate business-and-personal workspaces to prevent conflicts and inadvertent introduction of malware
  • Enabling employee self-service disaster recovery for laptop users
  • Empowering businesses to lock down and secure corporate laptops to protect business data and assets
  • Helping IT to take control of corporate assets while giving flexibility to mobile employees
  • Simplifies desktop image management and disaster recovery for IT pros
  • Helping IT to focus on business strategies instead of menial helpdesk issues
  • Helping business to reduce the IT cost of doing business
  • Help reduce time to market for businesses to roll out products and services

Discover more about XenClient 2 and how it can help your organization today to realize the benefits discussed.

Learn about the new XenClient 2 features that empower IT and users to get their job done with virtual desktops to go.