Wow – XenDesktop 5.5 packs a powerful punch with over 150 new HDX features, designed to maximize performance and user experience for users anywhere with any device. Our Citrix Access Gateway team has worked side-by-side with the XenDesktop team for years to deliver unparalleled granular secure access features like SmartAccess to Citrix customers. Now we have released Access Gateway 5.0.3  – the best SSL VPN to deliver every single one of those new XenDesktop 5.5 HDX features to your remote and mobile users.

Access Gateway guarantees a seamless high-definition experience from any device, as well as the strongest security and performance capabilities for Citrix XenDesktop customers. Only Access Gateway allows you to easily leverage the new XenDesktop multi-stream ICA capabilities to prioritize the delivery of video, audio or other latency-sensitive data over ‘background’ data (e.g. print jobs) – even through a full SSL tunnel. This provides a high-def user experience to remote and mobile users accessing the data center from hotel networks, airports, 3G connections and more. Additionally, Access Gateway’s custom security features allow a proxy, rather than a full tunnel, between a tablet or smartphone and your sensitive applications and data. This feature eliminates any risk of data leakage from your datacenter to users’ personal mobile devices and completely protects your datacenter from any malware that may have infected a phone or tablet.

For more information about Citrix Access Gateway 5.0.3, the only SSL VPN specifically designed to deliver all features of XenDesktop 5.5,  please visit our product website

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