Ahh – XenApp 6.5 is out and this means that the new streaming client is out and it means that the updated Streaming Profiler SDK is out and … this means that my profile script manipulating example program I wrote a few months back can finally be published.  Oh!  Happy Day!

The history

Some time back, I received an inquiry on how to add a script to a whole bunch of App Streaming profiles in a single go.  The goal was “global script”, but having no system for global scripts, the desired answer was to place a single script into every profile to achieve an equivalent.  Simple I thought – break open the SDK, write a program to add a script, run it against N hundred profiles and … done.

There was one significant problem; the SDK in version 6.0 lacked the APIs to manipulate scripts.  …  Dead in the water.

We’re saved!

Version 6.5 is out and as happiness would have it, it includes COM APIs to manipulate scripts of streaming profiles.   As an additional bonus, the installation of Streaming Profiler 6.5 automatically installs the Profiler SDK COM library, so its a mere question of copy and go!

Here’s a link to the SDK starting page and to the ScriptUtil program itself; source code included.

Please copy it and call it your own…

Joe Nord