Come visit us at Synergy Barcelona 2011 to see the new set of afterburners we put on XenApp.  For those unfamiliar with afterburners, check out this video of the mighty F-14 Tomcat with afterburners engaged.  Now that’s fast!  XenApp 6.5 is now the on-demand apps equivalent of a jet at full throttle.  Customers are telling us that the most popular feature set of XenApp 6.5 is Instant App Access.  As part of Instant App Access, there are three features that dramatically reduce the time it takes for users to launch applications. “Session Pre-Launch” creates a XenApp session immediately upon user log-in to Citrix Receiver.  The beauty of this is that as soon as the user is ready to launch an application, the Citrix ICA session has already been created so sessions are nearly instantaneous.  Similarly,  “Session Linger” shortens app launch time by keeping a session alive for time period controlled by the admin and “Fast Re-connect” shortens the time to re-connect to a session that had been disconnected.

Certainly the new HDX features are also stars of the show, as is the enhanced desktop experience feature.  For a quick demo of what we mean by enhanced desktop experience and to see Session Pre-Launch in action, check out this demo video from Synergy San Francisco when these features were in their “Iron Cove” Tech Preview form.  At Synergy Barcelona,  we’ll be highlighting many features of the new XenApp 6.5 in the What’s new with XenApp 6.5 breakout session.  This will be a can’t-miss session with explanations and demos of the latest technology in XenApp 6.5.  See you there!