Citrix FlexCast delivery technology has been around for two years now and has been very well received. For those who are new to virtualization world like me, it helps to think of Citrix FlexCast as a strategy for delivering virtual desktops rather than as a specific technology. It encompasses a full spectrum of desktop and application delivery methods. This approach is dramatically different from the way most other vendors look at desktop virtualization who try to force fit a single desktop virtualization approach to all use cases. And we all know that this singular approach does not work because different types of workers across the enterprise need different types of desktops. Some require simplicity and standardization, while others require high performance and personalization.

Two years since its inception, FlexCast is still a revolutionary technology and a key differentiator for our desktop virtualization offering, XenDesktop. It truly changes the conversations we have with our clients. Here is why: FlexCast technology is about thinking of all your virtual desktop and application delivery methods as a toolbox that enable you to directly address the different performance, security, personalization, and mobility requirements of all your users.

If you’re considering desktop virtualization, remember, VDI is just one technology, suited for one kind of user. Citrix FlexCast offers a complete solution, including VDI, to meet the unique needs of all users. Its flexible range of virtualization technologies enable every user to access the right kind of desktops and applications, including:

  • Hosted shareddesktops for task workers that perform a set of well-defined tasks
  • Hosted VDI with personalized Windows desktops for office workers wherever they work from
  • Streamed VHD desktops for shared workstation environments such as computer labs
  • Local VM desktops for flexible, offline use by road warriors or mobile workers
  • On-demand application delivery including Windows, web, and SaaS to any user, on any device, anywhere

At the upcoming Citrix Synergy Conference in Barcelona, we will present a 5-part series of breakout sessions to provide deeper insights into each FlexCast technology. In these sessions you will hear from the experts on various use cases and technical requirements for each of the FlexCast delivery models. Don’t miss the FlexCast series! I personally recommend you attend all five sessions – as most organizations usually need to use a combination of approaches to meet the requirements of both users and IT.

You can add these sessions to your calendar using the “My Organiser” tool in your “My Synergy account”.