Huuh? Comparing VDI to a human body?
Now let me explain why I feel a human body works similar to a VDI.

You need to have enough brainpower to read this, think about it and do your daily business.
The same applies to a virtual desktop environment. You need enough process power to handle all requests.

The heart is always busy getting used blood out of your circulation and pumping new O2 filled blood back in. So your heart needs to be fast and big enough to handle the whole blood circulation. If you think about memory – old data gets flushed and new data comes in. If you do not have enough space everything slows down.

Blood Circulation:
Blood Circulation takes care that all (components) body parts get blood and the energy out of it they need. What happens if you have a bottleneck there? Guess what blood circulation stands for in a virtual desktop environment. Sure it is networking and you don’t want a bottleneck there either.

The Lung is responsible for exchanging carbon dioxide to oxygen. The more volume you have in your lung the more oxygen you have available for all other components. If your lung volume is too small you can maybe walk, but you cannot run. In my comparison the lung stands for storage. If you do not have enough volume you will get a pretty slow environment, which never would compete in marathon.

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