I’ve recently posted five videos on the Citrix Startup Accelerator investment themes. One of these themes is cloud.next; about making investments that push our conceptions of ‘cloud‘. I gave the example of peer to peer computing as a movement we hear little about these days, despite the increasing power of our personal computing device, the SmartPhone.

Today I’m pleased to announce that we have invested in drumbi. drumbi is making the most of the popularity of SmartPhones to change person to person voice comms. It’s a new approach to solving telephone tag, with a really solid business model. In a very real sense, they are bringing voice into the 21st century.

drumbi allows callers to add a topic to a call (much like a tweet) to specifically cater to every individual conversation. Receivers using drumbi will know exactly why the caller is calling, how urgent the call is and where the call is being made from. After the call is finished, both users have the option of sharing what they’ve learned to their social graph, or to a personal email. This allows every user to keep track of of the calls that mean the most.

Indeed, drumbi doesn’t stop there, they are reinventing the entire calling experience; they have a solution to eliminate the hour long waits when calling businesses.

Look out for their availability on iPhone and Android in the near future.