XenApp … the basis / foundation for many service providers offering desktops and apps as a service …just got better….and you’ll want to start planning to move to it asap. To start with it includes the Service Provider Automation Pack that allows service providers to quickly stand up a Windows 7 like service for mass market by automating the entire farm set up.  According to Rizwan Pirani, VP of Engineering in the newly formed Cloud App Delivery group, “CSPs no longer need to invest in designing and modeling tenants upfront before they create the environment.”  This not only reduces the possibility for human error in set up but leads to a reduced staff-loading for administration costs.  That’s pretty cool! 

You might ask, is there anything else that an Administrator would be interested in?  Well I’m glad you asked.  If you’re using Smart Auditor session recording, we are now supporting the updates to the FIPS requirements.  For service providers in regulated market verticals including Government, this will come in handy.  To ease management of OUs, you can assign load evaluators to both Worker Groups and OUs.  If you are using the CSP Reference Architecture, you may want to take a look at this enhancement.  How about farm management?  Well, now you can migrate settings from one farm to another with ease.  Which should make it easier for you to scale your business as the demand continues to increase.

Service Ubiquity is table stakes in the hosted desktop world.  In order to maximize coverage and minimize support issues for the end device, Citrix continues to evolve the Receiver.  For most service providers this technology is perceived as a universal client for any end device.  In this release, there is now support for Chrome O/S, RIM Playbook and HP webOS.  Also in this release, Windows based devices will enjoy up to 3X the performance of previous versions.

This release provides a great opportunity for all of our service providers in the CSP program to step up their game.  For instance, if you migrate to XenApp 6.5 you will also be able to use all of the elements of the Reference Architecture but more importantly stay compliant with our N-1 policy regarding the subscription licensing of Citrix products.  Moving from older XenApp versions to the latest/greatest is easier than ever with the improved Migration Center tool set. For more information on specific release features you can visit the Citrix What’s New URL or attend the upcoming webinar scheduled for later next month.  If you want to see more about where the market is going for growing CSPs, you can take a look at the Citrix TV spot we’ve done.  Last, if you want more information about how to join the Citrix Service Provider program you can sign up online.