In the good old MetaFrame days (shared) storage was merely used for storing user profiles / homes, some application related data and maybe some installation sources, but not much more. Since that time Citrix introduced a couple of new products, technologies and architectures (XenServer, PVS, MCS,… just to name a few), which rely on storage (whether shared or not) as an integral and vital part. Ever since we started using storage in a much broader sense, customers and partners were asking for Best Practices and some planning guidance. In order to somewhat satisfy this demand we released a multitude of Knowledge Base articles and blogs containing certain bits and pieces of information. Unfortunately finding all information required some black belt Google skills.

To cut a long story short, now I happy to announce that we grouped together some of our finest storage experts from different teams such as Consulting, System Engineering, Testing and Product Management to create a comprehensive Storage Best Practices and Planning Guide. You can download the guide as part of the XenDesktop Design Handbook ( / see planning section) or directly from our KB (

This guide is intended to provide a list of best practices, recommendations and performance related tips that cover the most critical areas of storage integration with Citrix XenDesktop. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide for planning and configuring storage infrastructures, nor as a storage training handbook.

Due to scope, this guide provides some device-specific information. For additional device- specific configuration, Citrix suggests reviewing the storage vendor’s documentation, the storage vendor’s hardware compatibility list, and contacting the vendor’s technical support or a storage partner if necessary.

In case you’re new to the storage world, I strongly recommend you reviewing the Introduction to Storage Technologies – White Paper ( before diving into the Storage Planning Guide, as basic knowledge of storage technologies is a pre-requisite. By the way we’re currently working on updating the Introduction to Storage Technologies – White Paper and planning to release a new version soon.

If you want to learn more about Storage and how it relates to Citrix products, make sure to register here for Synergy in Barcelona and join our Session SYN308 – The Desktop Transformation Model, Part 3: design storage the right way.